17th Feb 2014, 11:49am

Donna and Alastair came home from Melbourne to share their wedding with their family and friends in Hamilton, at Coopers.  There’s something about arranging your wedding from a distance that just kind of forces you to not sweat the small stuff (not that Donna and Alastair are the small-stuff-sweating types anyway!). But I wasn’t surprised when they gave us free reign to choose photo locations…their only requirements were that it be rustic and not too public.  Off we went scouting locations and trying to find the perfect spot…what a treat to be able to choose…and what a challenge to have to choose! But in a stroke of brilliance we remembered the Garland homestead from when we photographed their son Mark's wedding to Jodi there a couple of years ago.  The Garlands very graciously allowed us to invade them for an hour or so and we are super grateful!

Anyway…I’m getting ahead of myself.  The girls started their day at the Sample Room for hair and makeup before heading to The Oar and Paddle to get dressed and hang out.
Oh that dress! Several people asked about this when I posted on Facebook…it was made by a family friend who is a dressmaker in Gisbourne.
Meanwhile the guys were getting in a round of golf and chilling at Alastair’s parent’s place…where there was pretty light :-)
Donna and Alastair had opted to do a 'first look’ and photos before the ceremony to maximise the amount of time they’d be able to spend with their guests afterwards (many of whom had travelled a really long way to be there). I just love first looks…I might have mentioned that before…but they really are a very cool idea. Especially when you have such a great location to work in :-)
The boys headed off to Coopers for the ceremony while the girls did a quick lippy retouch and followed them.
We loved this reading they chose…'I Like You' by Sandol Stoddard Warburg
Then there was lots of time for hanging out with their guests and chatting.  Wanna see the super cute wild flower details from the reception?  Yeah, thought so :-)
Thank you so much for having us be part of your day Donna and Alastair!

14th Nov 2013, 8:53pm

I joined the Cityside Venus networking group just on a year ago...and it is one of the best things I've done since I started in business!  Venus is a fantastic group of women in business who work together to support each other to grow.  I love how many fabulous business women I have met through this group!  And I love that I have had the opportunity to photograph a number of them too.  Here are some of my fab Venus 'sisters' that I've photographed recently...

Jennifer Myers is a super smart business coach with 10X Business Coaching...she is fun and funny (in a good way!) and she's uber professional...and this is what we needed to show in her headshots...


Letitia Buckle of Quintessential Concierge is a professional problem solver...she helps people who are 'time poor' to not sweat the small stuff by taking care of the small stuff!  We needed to show lots of examples of the ways she makes her clients lives better...these are some of images we created, they're destined for her website and client communications...and they were so much fun to shoot!  Letitia's hair and makeup was done by another awesome Venus businesswoman, Cherie from  Cherie B Hair & Makeup...

And finally, allow me to introduce Erena TePaa, stylist extraordinaire...she works with individuals to make the most of their own style through wardrobe audits, pre-shopping, shopping trips and style advice.  She's extremely knowledgeable and of course she has buckets of style!  She needed images to communicate who she is and what she does...and at the same time we needed to communicate how friendly and approachable she is...

If you (or someone you know) needs new images for website, social media and client communications I would love to help!  

Let's work together to create some awesome visual communication for you :-)


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