11th Sep 2015, 12:48pm


Last Thursday I got a phone call from a lovely sounding guy who told me that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend and would I be available on Saturday afternoon to capture the action as it unfolded? I was pretty quick to check my diary because I have wanted to photograph a proposal for the longest time! Yay, I was available! Kevin and I met up on Friday to plan the operation...the how and the where and most importantly the how to not be noticed until the right moment.

The plan was hatched...Kevin and Issy would go to the Dutch Festival at the Hamilton Gardens and I would spot them in the crowd (this bit was slightly stressful as Kevin had a beard on Friday when I met him but he told me he'd be shaving it off in the morning so I had to sort of imagine what he'd look like cleanshaven and look for that guy! Lucky for me Issy was wearing a red jacket so that made them easier to keep track of in the crowd). The plan was for them to go in to the pavilion and have a look around before walking over to the Rhododendron Lawn. I was pretending to take a lot of photos of flowers and scenery while sneakily watching Kevin and Issy at this point...

I was so busy being stealthy I nealy missed them leaving for the Rhododendron Lawn! I don't think my career as a spy is going to take off!

So Kevin said some lovely things that I couldn't hear because I was being a super spy with my zoom lens (and still pretending to photograph the flowers!) and dropped to one knee. Issy must have said yes because there was lots of hugging and then Kevin pointed out the crazy lady with the camera who had been following them for the past half hour. With my cover blown I got to be the first to congratulate them (which is pretty awesome!) and we took some more pics...

And actually I'm ok with not getting to be an international spy (I talk too much anyway!) because this is a pretty darm awesome job right here.

Congratulations Kevin and Issy and thanks for letting me tick something off my bucket list!


3rd Aug 2015, 4:30pm

When Andrea first got in contact with me it was only about four weeks out from her wedding day...she didn't seem the type to leave things to the last minute so I asked a few questions and she told me that her Dad was really sick and so they had moved their wedding date forward so that he would be able to attend and be part of the celebrations. It's a hard thing to contemplate losing a parent so young but Andrea and her Mum, Sharon, were practical and brave but also incredibly thoughtful and caring. It was a real priviledge to watch this lovely family care for each other on this day.

The day started with a very practical attitude to the was going to rain so Plan B was agreed upon and everything moved fuss.

There was a flurry of hairspray and flowers and flowergirls and dresses and the amazing skills of Wedding Hair by Jaide and Lee Smith Makeup Artist and then it was time...

This picture was a pretty important one to get. The group photos like this are not usually the most creative, but maybe they're the most important after all?

Meanwhile Reece and his very good men were waiting...and the guests were ready and waiting...

Everyone waiting...

I always love this bit...when it's just the bride and her Dad...

...and then Andrea's Dad, Graham, stopped halfway up the aisle to give her a kiss on the cheek.

And some tissues were discretely taken out of bags and pockets and some eyes got wiped. And everything moved fuss.

This was always going to be an emotional ceremony...I had warned Pip to wear waterproof mascara! But through the tears it was joyful and heartfelt. And actually just really lovely.

Coopers is such a fabulous venue...even on a wet, winter's day there are lovely places for photos...

Thank you Andrea and Reece for your trust, and your kindness.

Sadly, Andrea's Dad passed away a couple of weeks after the wedding.

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