Transformations: contemporary portraiture for women

In the 80's we called it 'Glamour Photography' and it got a bit of a bad rap for overuse of feather boas and hairlights and collar clutching...but when it comes right down to it what we are doing is creating beautiful portraits of women that celebrate their femininity and their elegance...and who wouldn't want that? So I think we can reclaim the term 'Glamour Photography' or maybe we'll call it 'Contemporary Portraiture for Women'...and no matter what you call it I'd really rather let the pictures do the talking :-)

I absolutely love shooting these is so addictive to spend time with these wonderful women, to watch the transformation via hair and makeup and to create portraits that capture their most beautiful selves.

If you would like to book in a contemporary portrait session we would love to spend the time pampering, transforming and photographing you! Sessions cost $350 including professional hair and makeup and take around three hours. Please email for more details!


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