Everyone has a story...

People come to me to be photographed for all sorts of reasons…everyone has a story…it's one of my favourite things about doing this.

Bridget's story is pretty cool (although it has a sad beginning)...

Bridget's much treasured Granny passed away last year after a very full and healthy life…she had seven children, including six in six years!! As well as feeling sad of course, Bridget was incredibly inspired by the example of this amazing woman and did a bit of soul searching about her own health. She set herself some goals and embarked on a journey of weight-loss and health-gain.

Which eventually brought her back to my studio. I first photographed Bridget about a year ago when she came in with her work colleagues for headshots. This time it was all about her and capturing her newly svelte gorgeousness.

Bridget told me she remembers talking with her Granny about how busy she was and how she had managed and her Granny told her "You just get on with it!"...Bridget reckons it's a great lesson for modern women and is a good mantra for weight loss too.

Congrats Bridget on meeting this goal and thank goodness for the inspiring women in our lives huh?



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