Two favs tonight...from our brief stop in Hong Kong

We didn't have long in HongKong...just long enough to know I want to go back!  

I love contrasts and I wanted to tell a story about the old and new...

I cropped tightly because to me that creates a feeling of everything being very crowded and almost on top of each other (using the 85mm lens helps with that compression too). But I think the thing that lifts this particular frame above the others I shot is the passenger on the boat turning to look at me.  I like the sense of engagement this gives.  It had to be black and white or it would take 5 minutes to even notice the person but I like it for the stillness it adds.

The trouble with going to a place where lots and lots of photographers have been before is the pressure I put on myself to try not to take the 'standard shot' that we've all seen a million times. Sometimes I get really pigheaded and just won't take a shot that I know I've seen before.  But sometimes images are iconic for a reason and they do kind of sum up something about the experience of a place.  I have to remind myself that sometimes my picture just says 'I was here too and I saw this too' and that's ok as well. And this is one of those pictures...

and I just like it because it's pretty :-)



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