Securing my nomination for mother of the year...a walk in the gully

This morning I decided to park in the River Road carpark and walk across the bridge into town instead of spending probably the exact same amount of time sitting in traffic.  And a really weird thing happened...I found myself in a really good mood all day. And I really enjoyed the walk back to the car too.  So I decided to share my good mood with the boys when I picked them up after school :-)  They often ask if we can go to the chocolate factory (on Borman Rd) and I dutifully remind them that chocolate is a sometimes food blah blah.  Well today I decided to work it my advantage...I asked them if they'd trade their iPads for chocolate.  I said they could have chocolate for afternoon tea (yes, yes, mother demerit points for that) in return for no electronics for the rest of the day.  They had to think about it but in the end they both agreed.

So the upshot of that was they had to think of something else to do...goodness, what did we do without iPads? We decided to go for a walk in the retro right? But it was a beautiful afternoon and we found all sorts of coolness...


A lacey spider web with the spiderlings all gone

pretty sticks

and beautiful, backlit magnolias...

And at the end of it they agreed it was a good trade...I like to think it was a good trade even without the chocolate but let's be realistic!




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