NZIPP Iris Awards 2013

Every year NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography) hosts the annual Iris awards, NZ's premier professional photography awards.  We spend months combing through our work making folders of possibles and then taking images back out of those folders, discussing, planning, shooting and reshooting, agonising over our 'babies'.  Then we enter and offer them up to the judges...some of the absolute top professionals in Australasia...and we cross our fingers and hope that we've done enough. Then before we know it the awards are over for another year and everyone returns to their corner of the world and what passes for normality.

This year I was chasing gold...I have all the points to move from Master of Photography (where I am now) to Fellow of the NZIPP except the illusive gold.  I only need one!  Alas I didn't get there this year and so I still have a goal to strive for next year.  And I learned (or relearned) an important lesson...if you're aiming for the stars you may not get there (this time) but you wind up a little higher than if you'd aimed a little lower...if that makes sense?!  I was really pleased to score three silver awards for my prints...while part of me wishes one of them was a gold (of course!), I'm really pleased to have achieved a better result than I ever have before.

silver in the travel category

bronze in the travel category

silver in the wedding (creative) category

and finally silver in the landscape category!

and so the planning for next year begins :-)




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