Long exposures, dawn colour and earning your morning coffee

I quite like mornings...I've always been more of a morning person (assuming there is coffee available of course).  

There's something really special about a sunrise...I think it even beats a sunset and I love that at this time of year sunrise is at a comparatively civilised time.

I mentioned a while back that I was a bit obsessed with long exposures and was wanting to play a bit.  And I had talked about it in a photography group I belong to as well and whaddya know two other crazy people volunteered to join me in Raglan at the crack of dawn! 

How gorgeous are these colours?!  These two were taken with a slow shutter speed and sideways camera movement.

And this was a slow shutter speed with the camera on a tripod...

And then I had a play with combos of slow and fast shutter...I love the blur the water makes when the shutter stays open longer but I also love the sharpness of the foam globlets captured with a fast shutter.

And yes, I did get soaked...thanks to both rain and freak waves :-)

(which meant that I had totally earned my yummy breakfast and fabbo coffee at The Shack)

Huge thanks to Shari Hurley from Cherry on the Top Photography in Auckland and Kelly Comins from Images by Kelly in Te Awamutu for braving the cold and rain and early morning to keep me company!




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