Location scouting and missing the inspiration bus today

I was location scouting today, trying to look at a familiar place with fresh eyes...waiting for inspiration to strike me. It didn't really happen today but I figure somedays are like that.

I did shoot the 'Puketaha Tree' as I was passing...it's a gorgeous Magnolia Grandiflora, beloved by a generation or two of Puketaha kids.

so there's that :-)

And hopefully the inspiration will turn up tomorrow.



Sarah hansen
9:29pm 21st August 2013

Nicola you inspire me all the time with your magpie eye for a great shot, even this post inspires me that a little ol' mum like me with a passion for photography but no idea where life will take me with it with no experience and 2 kiddies in tow...that you, beautiful you ...have days like these too...lovely shot by the way hun x thanks for being open, you and Mike Hill are my two biggest inspirations xoxo

Nicola Inglis
9:45pm 21st August 2013

Wow thanks Sarah, you've made my night :-)

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