Inspiration where you least expect it

You are going to think I'm really mental when I tell you I was inspired by a sandwich today. But I was (inspired, not really mental...well ok maybe a bit mental as well).  

First off, can I say it was a really, really good sandwich...(and I was quite hungry...I ate half of it before thinking to take a picture)

The thing is I've had plenty of egg sandwiches in my time but this is easily one of the was from The River Kitchen btw...and the difference is that someone has clearly cared enough to take the time to make it the best it can be. They've paid attention to getting the egg just right, and putting it with the perfect greens and there's avocado in there too, and the bread is just right.  

So I'm inspired to make my 'egg sandwiches' better...starting with a mentoring session on Monday and a meeting with a Biz coach on Tuesday...and some new projects bubbling away. I think this all started with the NZIPP conference (it usually does) and I find myself champing at the bit to get going and take things up a level or two!  Bring on the weddings and spring portraits!!





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