Finding the light, flying by the seat of your pants and other joys of wedding photography

This image was shot while I was second shooting with the fabulous Lauren Indrisie of The Lauren and Delwyn Project in Auckland...

(You can see the whole wedding on their blog if you're interested)

And I've picked it because it was shot on a grotty Auckland day in April when the skies opened right after the ceremony and it rained for pretty much our entire shooting time.  Lauren had got the ok to shoot in a couple of bars along the waterfront ahead of time and so we gratefully ducked in to Tyler Street Garage (a very funky bar that looks a bit like it has been magicked right out of a Frankie magazine). There was hardly any room near the front wondow but that's where the light was gorgeous (of course) so we moved furniture (I swear photographers could all have second careers as furniture movers we get so much practice), and we made space for Sarah (and later the whole bridal party). I love that we got this moment of stillness in the crazy chaos of a downtown bar. I love the softness of her hands and her exsquisite expression...I also adore her dress!!

I also really love second shooting...which might seem odd. Why would I not just take a day off if I have no weddings of my own booked? Well sometimes I do of course but second shooting is such an amazing way to learn  (and shoot me [with a bullet, not a camera] if I ever stop learning)...not so much different technical approaches (although that's interesting) but what I find is that I learn the most about myself as a photographer.  Second shooting forces me to think about how I do things and why...and it usually challenges me to try some new ways.  And at the end of the day I actually really like weddings...and it's an honour to be asked to shoot a second or first shooter :-)



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