Another fav...and thoughts about personal work

Tonight I'm prepping for a personal shoot tomorrow morning. And also thinking about another favourite image to share with you and this series popped into my head. I shot this last year for friends Dave and Jazmin ahead of their wedding.  He's a fellow photographer and we got talking one day about how awesome it would be to have 3 or 4 photogrpahers shoot your wedding, each in their own very different style.  I laughed and said if I shot it it would be all black and white...and there'd be movement and of course they'd have to dance (they both do ballroom).  And in an unrelated conversation Dave played me this fab version of one of my all time fav songs 'Dance Me To The End of Love' and my brain connected it all up into something that I informed Dave and Jazmin I just HAD to shoot.  And they obliged :-)

What I love about the series is the movement and hopefully the sense of rhythm.  It was a challenge to shoot in almost complete darkness and we lit the shoot using a couple of video lights.  I love starting with a cool idea and then overcoming technical challenges to make it happen the way I see it in my head.  And time and time again I find that pushing myself in my personal work has huge pay offs in my client work...anyone want a shoot in the dark? :-)

I remember years ago when I was at teachers college there was a guy in our T group who was also a muso and I remember him saying that he got up at some crazy hour every morning and went to his recording studio and just noodled about and waited for inspiration.  I remember he said 'what if the muse comes one day and I'm not there?'.  That really stuck with me....the need to turn up for the muse.  And so I guess my personal work is my version of turning up; trying some new ideas, pushing myself in a different direction, allowing the magic to happen in the space.



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