28th Aug 2013, 9:59pm

OK, I'm going to be brutally frank here and I hope you'll forgive me but I just need to say this...I have seen some shocking 'headshots' or profile pictures out there in the world.  Photos that look like they were taken at a party and two other people have been cropped out or photos that are really old and dated looking (I know none of us are getting any younger but really?) And it makes me wonder why people put up with it.  To me it's the equivalent of turning up for a business meeting in your gardening clothes with no makeup on...why would you do that? 

Anyway...no point complaining about the problem if you don't have a solution...so I have a solution.  I'm on a mission to improve the headshots of the world one LinkedIn profile at a time :-)  This week it was the Hamilton Astra Bridal team, who wanted a very classic style, fairly tightly cropped...

If you're feeling stink right now because you have a repurposed wedding photo on your LinkedIn profile you need to read this...and let me help you get sorted :-)

That tiny writing says that the deal includes 3-5 proofs delivered as a pdf via email and one fully retouched and finished high resolution image.  

The price doesn't include gst and further digital files may be purchased for $50 +gst. 

26th Aug 2013, 9:36pm

Today I didn't take any photos, not even on my iphone, because I was working with the very smart (and very generous) Russell Hamlet on the business part of my business.  It's fair to say that most photographers didn't become photographers because they love marketing and selling...they (and by they I mean 'I') do it because they love photography. So it's a breath of fresh air to work with someone who loves the business side as much as the shooting and his enthusiasm is contagious.  I found myself still at the studio at 8.00 tonight planning and scheming and working to improve the experience of Nicola Inglis Photography for you, my lovely clients....I'm so excited to bring you some 'shiny new' and some 'even better' over the next few weeks.  The very first thing on my to-do list is to choose my 20 favourite images to refresh my display prints...only 20 favs? Tough call :-)

No new pics from today but we can't have a post without a picture so here's one from the Raglan dawn shoot...


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