Laura and Ali's Red Barn wedding...and a plug for getting ready photos

Sometimes, when I tell people that the 'getting ready' part of the wedding is my favourite part, I wonder if they might think that's a bit weird or even a bit wrong. But it's really about two things...time and space...things are usually pretty relaxed and there is time for us to observe. We tend to shoot this part of the day in a very photojounalistic way and we love to watch for the relationships, the interactions and the telling details and we really love to record these parts of the story.

Laura and Ali's wedding is a great example of this.  Anita was shooting the boys getting ready...

working on the speeches...

Even Beau was very chilled...

Meanwhile the girls had plenty of time to get ready so the atmosphere was really relaxed here too...

Laura's stunning silk dress was designed by Corina Snow and it was a-may-zing!

the view from Karapiro Lodge was pretty amazing too!

This...this is why I love the getting ready part of the day :-)

And then they were off to The Red Barn in Dad's Mustang :-)

There's more to come from Laura and Ali's wedding...and a few others I haven't blogged yet too!

Watch this space :-)




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