What I have learned from second shooting and why it's a great thing to do

The first thing I've learned, and maybe this one isn't so much from second shooting as it is from life in general, is that you can never stop learning...as a 'creative' if you stop pushing yourself in new directions you're in trouble.  As the saying goes "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there!"

And second shooting for another photographer is a brilliant way to learn more about your own style and it's a great way to be exposed to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

I've done a bit of second shooting in the past but up until now this season I've been too busy but this past weekend I was fortunate to shoot with two different photographers and as usual it was a great learning experience.  On Friday I was working with Tony McKay, a relative newcomer to wedding photography in the Waikato and definitely one to watch.  He won our regional NZIPP 'Rookie of the Year' award last year...with good reason!

Tony has said I can share a couple of the images I shot for him and the thing I love about these is that they kind of don't look like they were taken by me...and I've edited them a little differently too.  Not being 'in charge' on the day means you get to take a little time to look around, you notice things you might not have seen otherwise.  And it means you have more chance to play and try something different. I could get used to it ay?!



And then in the spirit of trying something new and pushing my boundaries a bit further I spend Saturday tagging along with the fabulous Mike Hill shooting video...and that was purely for the benefit of learning and it won't be seeing the light of day on this blog!  What I learned on Saturday is that shooting video is hard and that the people who do it well are even bigger legends than I previously thought!

Huge thanks to Tony and Mike and their gorgeous couples; Tara and Brent and Sarah and Kevin.




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