Thoughts on being a guest at an unplugged wedding

It's a rare treat for me to go to a wedding that I'm not shooting...I even shot my sister's wedding (with some excellent help from Bryce and Pip).  But today I got to just be a guest...and as a guest I was told in no uncertain terms to NOT bring my camera.  Dave and Jazmin were a little bit inspired by this recent blog about unplugged's not because they hate cameras  (quite the opposite in fact, Dave is a photographer) but because they wanted their guests to listen and watch and engage instead of experiencing their wedding through a device.  Which I think is really cool.  They had an official photographer and the rest of us were guests...nice and simple.

So there is no picture to go here...not even an iphone one.  Because I always do as I'm told ;-)

And in the end I'm inclined to agree that it did make me listen and watch and engage in a different way than if I'd had a camera.  Even though I love engaging through the lens too (and I think it's absolutely vital that someone does!) I think it's a great idea for guests to be guests and photographers to be least for the ceremony part.




1:49am 21st March 2013

Great post. Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

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