Thoughts about being a control freak and printing for myself

It's very interesting that even though I am a total control freak about all aspects of my editing process I have resisted buying my own photo printer for a long time.  I knew the Epson 3880 was a beautiful printer and that the results on fine art paper were truly gorgeous but I also knew that if I had my own I would spend far too much money on paper and inks printing and reprinting! 

I love paper and texture...and I love what this machine can do...the prints are tactile in a way that regular photo printing just isn't.  Anyway, I was printing some display prints for the studio walls today and it occurred to me that I hadn't blogged about the new addition.  So here she Epson the middle of printing the beautiful Grey sisters at 16x20 inches.  The smaller ones you can see are the test prints with miniscule differences (I told you I was a control freak!)

I'm happy to rabbit on about the difference and show you samples (and make you stroke them!) so please ask when you're in the studio talking portraits!



11:34pm 18th February 2013

Did you go with the middle test print? ;) Beautiful photos Nicola, you are amazing! xo

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