Saba and Sam's colourful kiwi-indian wedding Part 2

The day of Saba and Sam's actual wedding was as stunning as their prep day (which you can see here)...sunshine, laughter and lots and lots of love. At the girls place there was the usual hair and makeup going on...

and LOTS of discussion about the lacing of the dress...I love that Dad got called in because it was a very serious business...

I love this photo of Saba just before she left for the ceremony...that's both her grandparent's wedding photos on the shelf behind her parents.


Meanwhile the boys were getting ready and it was already a bit much for pageboy Colin...

Nothing a (chocolate) cigar won't fix :-)


This was such a lovely, family wedding and I think this shot from the beginning of the ceremony really shows that...Sam's family waiting and watching with him as Saba arrives.

The ceremony was conducted by Sam's Grandad in the chruch that was built by his other doesn't get more family than that right?

Then we headed out to Mystery Creek for the group photos and the bridal photos photos...Saba is a teacher so we kind of had to do this but it was never going to be a serious photo!

In fact it isn't easy to find a serious photo in the entire day :-)

But there are quite a few that just melt me...I think this one is my favourite photo from the whole has a stillness that I love, that feeling of being the only two people in the world for just a minute.  Sometimes it's hard to get that minute in the busy-ness of a wedding day but when you do, it's magic.

Once we got back to the reception Saba snuck off to change...and luckily Sam alerted Pip and she got to capture this...

There was more amazing food (prepared by Saba's parents), tearful speeches and then dancing...awesome dancing!

Thank you SO much for having us Sam and Saba (and your lovely families!), I've run out of superlatives so I'll have to just go with "It was awesome" because it was!



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