Saba and Sam's colourful kiwi-indian wedding Part 1

The story goes that Sam proposed to Saba after watching the incredibly romantic team America on their second anniversary...Saba laughs and says this tells you everything you need to know about them as a couple.  Obviously they have great senses of humour...and clearly traditions (like anniversaries) are important (but not to be taken too seriously)...

Everything kicked off on Wednesday with the turmeric ceremony...a sweet smelling paste of turmeric (and other stuff) is smeared on the couple to bring out their inner glow. At first it was a bit solemn but pretty soon everyone joined in and it became kind of a free-for-all...Sam got to go first...

and then it was Saba's turn...

Saba was saying they got off India the process woould have gone on for several days.  After clean up and lunch (incredible food) it was time for the henna ceremony.  This one's just for the girls...

The henna application is incredibly intricate and time consuming so everyone else sits around and shoots the breeze.  The aunties were telling stories about their weddings and of course there was much dicussion on the universal theme of training husbands :-)  Slowly the designs were completed and then there's nothing to do but sit and wait for them to dry.

Of course you can't use your hands while they're drying so everyone who isn't henna'd yet helps out.  Vanita, Saba's Mum, holds a drink for Sam's Mum, Maree.  Saba gets the most intricate design of everyone because she's the bride...this means the longest time sitting still and it's starts to take it's toll.

but then Sam came in to check how things were going and stayed to lend his support...(cause that's kinda how these two roll)

There's too much here for one blog post...I'm going to save the actual wedding for a second instalment :-)

Update: You can read Part II here



6:40pm 15th December 2012

Wow that looks amazing guys. Am excited to see the follow up blog!

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