Nicole and Karl's wedding at The Red Barn

Let me begin by declaring a bit of a bias here...I do love 'first looks'...they're always lovely and emotion filled.  There are so many reasons why they work; less pressure, less people watching, more time with far as I can see it's all good!

*notice how awesome it is to have two photographers at a first look :)

One of the things people sometimes say when they're choosing NOT to do a first look is that they want the walk to down the aisle to be really special.  I'm kind of thinking it still just get to have double helpings of 'really special'.  

Nicole and Karl had three gorgeous pageboys and lots of super cute mini-guests who added to the fun...check out the anticipation while they wait for the bride to arrive...

and seriously? Anytime the groomsmen are pulling faces like this as the bride arrives...well you have something pretty special I'd say...

Crikey it looks a bit like I shot this whole wedding in black and white!  There's lots of colour in there too...I promise!

I'm loving Karl's fist pump after the kiss is complete without a fist pump :-)

Another thing I love...grandparents taking a moment to offer some wisdom...

and finally, the driveway at Red Barn...because it wouldn't be a Red Barn wedding without a driveway shot...




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