Stacey and Thomas's beautiful Te Kaha wedding

Sometimes at weddings celebrants talk about how the wedding marks the beginning of a new family...well Stacey and Thomas have a headstart on that, together with their lovely boys they are already very much a family. It was a pleasure to see the way they interacted, gently supporting and helping each other with no moments of stress (at least not on the outside!), just lots and lots of love.  This is big brother Jude with his little brother Theo (who is only 10 weeks old!)

And here's more of Theo because he's so gorgeous...

While we were photogrpahing the preparations Jude and Willem (the middle brother) were quite keen to have a turn with Pip's camera...which made for some fun images when I was editing...

ok, a couple of special guests...Jimmy Choo...Boh Runga...and Marc!

and back to the real people :-) Here are some more of my favs from throughout the day...

Thanks you so much Thomas, Stacey, Jude, Willem and was a real honour :-)



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