the secret language of wedding flowers

Apparently the tradition of a bride carrying a bouquet of flowers started in the Middle Ages and was a way of covering up BO on account of their once-a-year-whether-you-need-it-or-not bathing habits... I choose not to believe such an unromantic explanation. But while I was trying to disprove it I did find this though...the art of floriography...which I like a lot more.  Floriography is like the code of Victorian times when lovers were not able to communicate openly they would instead send bouquets and let the flowers do the talking.

Some of them are quite lovely, and very appropriate for weddings...

But be very afraid if you receive a bouquet like this...

...the perfect bouquet for stalkers to send? 

And I still have no idea if the story about the bouquet being a primitive deodorant is true!


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