The trouble with not blogging

The trouble with not blogging is that it's hard to start again.  It's hard to pick up where I left off because where I left off was not really intentional.  I just sort of dribbled off didn't I?

Do I need to do a catch up? Could I even do a catch up? 

Perhaps I'll make a list...since June I have:

entered the Iris Awards

second guessed my Iris entries!

travelled with my 13 year old daughter to London, New York and Paris

drank lots of coffee

photographed loving families

booked exciting weddings

photographed passionate business owners and their businesses

photographed amazing food

ate amazing food

drank more coffee

flew to Christchurch for an NZIPP board meeting

chaired the Q panel assessing the August round of Q submissions for NZIPP

drank lots of coffee

photographed animals at Hamilton Zoo

kept up my iphone photo a day (some of them ended up in my awards entry...we'll see how they go!)

had a birthday (needed wine, not coffee)

threw a cool 10th birthday party for our son

photographed the Astra Bridal charity tea party to raise money for Endometriosis NZ

photographed intimate engagement portraits

drank some more coffee of course

photographed my grandparents (and got the most likes I'd ever got on a single image on Facebook)

stopped negecting my website and started blogging again :-)




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