The New York part of our travels

I know it's been said before but I really heart's one of my favourite cities.  I was really looking forward to visiting again and showing my daughter Caro some of my favourite places.

These are a few of my favourite shots from this part of the trip...some iphone, some 'real' camera...

I think this is my very favourite because at first it looks like someone enjoying a rest in the shade of this lovely city park...and then you look closer and realise that everything this guy owns in the world is strapped to that bike and in fact he's homeless and it's not quite the happy peaceful scene you first saw.  NYC does that to me a lot, there's a lot of stuff going on beneath the surface that you have to look a bit harder to see...and of course other times the sad, scary stuff is right in your face.

Of course we did the touristy things...this was shot on my iphone from the ferry. I had the 'proper' camera with me but for some reason I like the iphone shots better. I processed  my iphone pictures with Snapseed  while we sat waiting for the ferry to come back and get us from Liberty Island.  

The look on Caros face when she recognised places from movies and TV was so cool...apparently Melman stuck his head through the clock in Grand Central in the first Madagascar movie so she thought it was pretty cool to see it in real life. I just loved watching the people. I wanted the people in this pic to be a bit blurred to show their movement but I didn't have a tripod to hold the camera this was taken with the camera resting on a conveniently placed pillar :-)

I had this idea that I would take my camera out into the streets and photograph some of the amazing people we were seeing all the time.  What I learned from doing this is that I am a big chicken...this was my favourite from that day...and it's the guy's backside lol.

The Museum of Natural History was another movie to real life location (Night at the Museum)...I found myself slightly obsessed with the hundreds of dioramas, loving the play of size and scale...I want to do more of this.

More little things in the big city...I had my new macro lens with me when we went to Central Park...I love that this big city is also teeming with small life...

Everywhere I looked in NY the landscape was full of patterns and lines...I don't know if Hamilton city is like that and I just don't notice anymore (probably!) but I had to keep stopping as we were walking around to snap things with my phone...

 There is just something about big cities that I love...I don't even know exactly what it is, and whether it's the small-town girl in me, but I love the feeling of anonymity that you get. So now I need to go NY as well as London and Paris...and maybe next time I will pluck up the courage to photograph the crazy, wonderful people too!




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