Why second shooters are awesome!

I know it's one of those things you have to weigh up when you're looking for a photographer...do we really need a second shooter?  Is it really worth the extra money? 

I love shooting with a second photographer...I can shoot on my own and I have done it from time to time...but I always know where the gaps are.  I know the places where a second photographer would have caught a moment from a better angle.  I know that having two photographers means better, more complete coverage which means more memories.

One of the key jobs I give to my second shooters is to look for different angles, to take the time to be creative and take the 'not safe' shot (after the safe ones are in the bag of course).  So in answer to the questions about the benefit of a second shooter I am going to let the pictures do the talking...some of my favourite images captured by my fabulous second shooters...

(the image on the left is mine, on the right is Anita's)

And that, right there, is why I choose to work with a second photographer.  

I rest my case :-)



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