Second shooting for other photographers: what I've learned

Yesterday I was very privileged to have the opportunity to second shoot with Nikki South which was quite good timing really since I've been thinking about the whole two wedding photographers vs one wedding photographer thing all week. I love shooting with other photographers; it's fun of course but it has some other important benefits. You learn a lot about yourself and your own style of shooting and it opens your eyes to different ways of doing things (whether you adopt them or reject them you've moved yourself forward a bit). And in the back of my mind I'm always aware that NZIPP photographers look out for each other and I might be called in to shoot for them in an emergency (or they for me)...which would be a lot easier if I've worked with them before.

So you know what the number one thing is that I have I learned from second shooting for other photographers?

We are all different.

It's quite simple really, but it has some important implications if you're reading this because you just got engaged and you're looking for a photographer.  Even photographers who create superficially similar looking pictures go about their creation in different ways...different ways of talking and interacting, different approaches to posing and setting up shots, different priorities when shooting.  And it pays to talk to photographers about these things because they're important. 

So that's blinding revelation for the day: photographers are all different. Perhaps I need more coffee ;-)


And because I got a few complaints about is a montage of me the goofy grin (and the wannabe bridesmaid!)



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