Here's to clients who push the boundaries

On Saturday I was second shooting for Nikki South at a wedding in Rotorua.  When I arrived to photograph the guys getting ready the groom showed me a small cannon that they had set up.  An actual cannon, that fires cannon balls!  And he started asking questions about how many frames per second I could shoot...turns out he was keen to catch the fire trail as the cannon ball shot out of the mouth of the cannon. For real!  I started thinking about how I was going to do it...the technical challenges were not small; the darkness and the one-chance nature of the thing, the split second timing and the fact that it started raining about an hour before the scheduled time.  Let's say I wasn't exactly 100% confident that I could pull it off :-)

Which is why it was that much sweeter when, after some educated guesswork and some pushing of the cameras limits I checked the back of the camera and saw this:

Specs for the geeks: iso1600, f4, 1/160...shot on continuous high speed

And yes, I definitely did a happy dance!

All of which reminded me of another awesome wedding a while back where the couple, Gemma and Lester, told me that they were basically getting married at night and could I rise to the challenge? You can see their wedding album here and judge for yourself.  I love those images because they're different and because they were a challenge.

So I guess what I'm saying is ask about pushing the boundaries...challenge us!



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