18th Feb 2012, 10:55pm

The dining room in the house where Victoria grew up has this wonderful wooden floor that was painted a long time ago and in the patch under the dining table the paint has been gradually worn away by chairs scraped in and out for a thousand family meals. And the finial at the top of the stairs is shiny, the paint long since polished away by hands. I love the way their family life is imprinted on this house...

Victoria lost her Mum a couple of years ago and the thing about losing a parent is there are special days when it doesn't matter how long it's been their absence is felt more keenly...weddings are those kind of days and Victoria and Jason made sure that they found lots of small ways to honour her memory.  The succulents in Victoria's bouquet were taken from a plant that originally grew from a cutting that her mum took from the succulents in her own wedding bouquet...how cool is that?

and the girls stopped by the cemetery for a drink with Mum...

The ceremony was beautiful...emotional and happy...I love the reactions going on in the background of this image...

Woodlands...Woodlands...what can I say?  Gorgeous gorgeousness in venue form!

Sometimes I think people just make our jobs too easy!

Thanks Victoria and Jason for sharing your beautiful day with us, it really was an honour :-)


18th Feb 2012, 10:33pm

Celia and Mike wanted their wedding ceremony to be very small and special, they wanted to just focus on their families and on each other so they planned a beautifully intimate garden wedding at Celia's parents place.  They had just six guests (plus the two of us...very privileged to be 1/4 of the witnesses!).

Then we headed off around the property for photos...

...before heading back to the wedding reception dinner served in the cutest gazebo ever...

What a stunner of a day huh?

Thanks Celia and Mike, and families...it was just wonderful to be part of your day!


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