Mel and Karl's Castaways wedding photographs

Mel and Karl met when they were both crewing for the same truck racing team (truck racing...yes really...who knew there was such a thing?!  Mu hubby just came in and read this bit over my shoulder.  he says "Of course there is truck racing, you can race anything. Actually I've never heard of cat racing but apart from that" I consider myself schooled!). there was a certain amount of sneaking around involved because Mel's Dad was also part of the crew!  Trucks featured on the day of course, Mel and the girls arrived at the ceremony by racing truck...and yes, they go really fast...almost as fast as a videographer and a photographer determind to get the shot ;-)

And then there was one last sneak around...

After the ceremony we went down to the must be because I live in Hamilton but I love beaches, I just never get sick of photographing on the beach...

And then there were the you can imagine, there were a few stories told. A great time was had by all :-)

It was a wonderful, wonderful day filled with love and laughter and tears and memories...kinda what it's all about really.

Thanks so much Mel and Karl!

Oh, and were you wondering whether Karl liked his present from Mel?  What do you think?



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