Pre-wedding boudoir photo shoot and a very special wedding gift for one lucky groom

First I have to start with a confession...I've never really 'got' boudoir or glamour photography and the problem I've always had is with the story.  I guess I was thinking about that cheesy stuff from the 80s that everyone's mum did when they hit 40 and I always used to wonder why?  Why are they dressed to the nines and clutching their collar in front of a pink backdrop?  And why are they all soft focussy in their full makeup, a feather boa and not much else?  I just never understood why.  It seemed like it didn't have a story and I suppose I dismissed it a bit.

That was until I heard Sue Bryce speak in August.  She says if Justin Timberlake can bring sexy back, she can bring glamour back.  She opened my eyes to the possibilities and also to the skill involved.  So I took all that on board and you might remember a model shoot I did with Karyn Flett a couple of months back where we put into action some of the things we'd learned from Sue (I've just realised I didn't blog that session but the pics are on Facebook here and here).

Literally as we were finishing up that session my phone rang and it was Mel, one of my brides for the coming season and she asked me if maybe we could work together to create a book for her to give to her hubby-to-be on the day of their wedding?  She hadn't seen the images from our model session yet of course but she had a vision of how the book would look and well...thank you universe, I think I'll take that as a sign!!

I love the idea of a book because it gives the chance to tell a this is the story of Mel writing her vows to Karl (and just happening to look super hawt while she does it!).  The text through the book is the text of her vows and words from their ceremony.  This is a big surprise for Karl and Mel has given me permission to blog it because she reckons there is zero chance he will see it.  But just in case, if you know Mel and Karl you have to NOT SAY ANYTHING!

And you know what? I finally get it!  I had this huge lightbulb moment while I was planning this, when I finally had an answer to all my obsessive asking 'why?'.  This book is as much a part of their love story as their wedding album will be.  And telling love stories is something I know a bit about.  And it has nothing to do with hairlights and collar grasping ;-)

And these are photos of the actual book...a gorgeous 10x10" Queensberry Press Book (please excuse the technical imperfections in these pics, I was hurrying because Mel was coming to pick it up!)

I can't wait to see the look on Karl's face when he sees the book (Pip is going to be there to photograph it!)

Thanks so much Mel for having the vision and helping me find the story and answer all my 'why?' questions!

Oh, and did you want to see a before and after?  Gabrielle from Gabrielle's Mobile Hair and Makeup did a stunning job of bringing out Mel's natural gorgeousness...


9:48pm 29th November 2011

Love love LOVE this. What an awesome idea! And so beautifully executed too.

Catherine Cattanach
11:35am 30th November 2011

Yay - that is so cool! Boudoir done in a genuine and meaningful way. Beautiful photos and I'm sure Mel's husband will really treasure this book.

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