Cate and Craig's wedding photos from Sarnia Park

One thing that everyone says about Cate and Craig is how much they laugh...they're the kind of people other people like to be around because I imagine you would always leave feeling better.  So their wedding day was all about their friends and families and there was lots of laughing.  

At the hairdressers in the morning I first met Miss Isabella, champion flowergirl and serious fan of ANTM...

Showing us how to pose 'H2T' (head to toe...apparently!)

From there the girls headed off to Devereaux and Villiger (who used to be The Makeup Studio) for some makeup fabulosity from Michelle and her team.

wedding photos - bride getting ready

The final stages of the getting ready happened at Sarnia Park.  I love this new art piece in the 'Honeymoon Suite'...

sarnia park wedding photos bride getting ready

Meanwhile the guys were getting ready at Earthstead, an amazing luxury lodge just out of Cambridge...I love this photo of Craig's Dad pinning on his buttonhole.

Earthstead wedding photos Groom getting ready

and the hair (of course!)

wedding photos groom getting ready

The weather was looking very iffy so a last minute call was made to bring the ceremony inside to the Ballroom. This is one of the many things I love about Sarnia Park...the range of wet weather alternatives is great.  And hello...fabulous staircase!

Rach shot this one from the balcony as Cate and her Dad made their entrance...

Sarnia Park ballroom ceremony location

After the ceremony Isabella threatened to steal the show again (in a good way!)

wedding photos cute flowergirl

Until Craig and Cate's dogs arrived and gave her some competition...

wedding photos with dogs

A couple more of Cate and Craig being adorable :-)

Wedding photos with dogs

Sarnia Park wedding photos

The wisteria at Sarnia is absolutely beautiful and it smells divine only flowers for two weeks a year so we were very lucky to be able to capture it at its very best...

Sarnia Park wisteria wedding photos

and then we snuck Cate and Craig out of their reception later on to play with some light in the dark...

Sarnia Park wisteria wedding photos

Thank you Craig and Cate for having us be part of your was a lovely way for Rach to finish (she's moving on to more regular employment and won't have the Friday/Saturday flexibility to shoot weddings with me).  And it was a fantastic introduction for Bryce who is joining the Nicola Inglis Photography team.


6:12pm 29th November 2011

Thanks Nicola
You made a very special day even more memorable and the results are fantastic. Our kids look just gorgeous (which of course they are anyway!)

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