20th Sep 2011, 9:17pm

Can you tell a whole love story in just five words?

I've been collecting five word love stories today...

My sister gave me "Suddenly forever wasn't long enough".

I liked "'Do you dance?' she asked".

My hubby suggested "Stu met Nic. Game over!"


Have you got one?  Wanna share?


20th Sep 2011, 6:15am

I've always done my photo printing through Queensberry's professional printing lab in Auckland - I like to support a local company and I like the consistency I get from using the same company for my albums and prints.  And I still love them :-)

One thing I learned though, through the whole awards process this year is how custom printing on carefully chosen paper can take an image to the next level.  And if I can see that and appreciate the difference then I figure my clients can too.  So I have recently started offering an extra 'premium' option for printing.  

fine art wedding prints


Art prints are lovingly printed using finest quality Epson inks on the very best professional Epson printer on carefully chosen fine art papers.  The black and whites in particular look amazing!

Queensberry still produce (in my humble opinion) the best photographic prints, on photographic paper. The fine art prints offer another option on top of that, custom printing on art papers.  

I imagine your choices will depend entirely on the images, their intended display space and the look you like best :-)

I'm loving the slight texture here but some of the papers in the range are more smooth...generally smaller images work better with smoother papers.


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