Panel Chair for Weddings...and hi ho Silver!

I haven't had a chance to condense this into some kind of cohesive has been a crazy day of highs and lows .  I haven't even had time to process.

Panel Chair is fun and exciting and fascinating and stressful and complex.  It is high stakes because if I control too much I might exert an influence that is not mine to influence and if I don't control enough I might equally change outcomes through that.  If we (the assistant Panel Chair) don't watch very carefully we might have a photographer be on the panel when their own print came up...whicj would be unforgiveable I think.  There is a constant juggle between maintaining balance on the panel and making sure the known prints (and there were a lot in such a popular category) are dealt with appropriately.

I have always enjoyed the process of discussion of prints and of course it's even better when you're right there...almost part of that.  And I LOVE seeing names that I know from Q's coming through to score awards...that is a huge buzz and let's me know that we really are on the right track.

In the middle of being busy with Panel Chair juggling I had four prints entered today, and a wedding album (my first time in that category).  To be honest it was great to have something else to focus turns out I'm not very zen when it comes to sitting and waiting for the judges to judge.  I was stoked to pick up a silver for one of my prints and a bronze for another.  Wedding Album was very challenging for me...I was obsessively updating Facebook because I needed to be doing something.  They took so long to look through it and then scored it 70, which is a low bronze, but still a bronze.  I was stoked with that (but wish they had judged faster because I swear I sprouted a bunch of new grey hairs in the time it took them lol).

From there to Happy Hour at the Millenium (thanks you!!) and I finally got to meet the Bebbs.  And I managed to not look like a crazy stalker (I think).  After having dinner with them tonight I am SO looking forward to their talk tomorrow...and Sue Bryce?  We know how fabulous she is right? Yeah.  She rocks.

So need to sleep so I can make the breakfast Board meeting at 7.15am...sorry, I'll say that again in case you missed it, 7.15am!!! Tomorrow (today) is going to go off :-)




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