Ordinary miracles and everyday fairytales

‎'Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.'
- Author unknown

Our middle son, Ricky has a relatively mild form of Autism and his speech was initially quite delayed.  Because every word was a complex process I remember them all.  I remember the first time we ever had a conversation because I knew I was witnessing something amazing.  And while there were lots and lots of hard bits (and I suppose there will be more to come) what I remember most is that the biggest blessing was that 'knowing'...knowing that I was witnessing everyday miracles.  

And there were another couple waiting for me today.  Our other two were at karate and so it was just me and Ricky in the car and he would not stop talking...yakkity yak yak yak all the way to the supermarket and all around the supermarket and back to the car.  And I realised just how far we'd come from the three year old who knew 6 words (and they all sounded the same to everyone but me) now we have an almost 9 year old who won't stop talking!  And it's wonderful!  And then tonight his class put on an evening performance for their parents of the music they have been learning...and instead of being lost and confused (as he often is when the routine changes and the noise level rises) he was right there, engaged and excited and even (almost) in time!

And thinking about those ordinary miracles, and that beautiful quote that someone posted on Facebook this morning, got me thinking about proposal stories. One of my favourite things to ask people is how they got engaged...there is something about the planning and the preparation that goes into creating that moment that ends up being a story that gets told so often it gets polished like a stone.  I especially love listening to people who have been married for a long time because sometimes you get the feeling it's been a while since they told it to anyone else.  But those stories are part of the fairytale that we get to keep and hold close, and polish over time.

So ask your parents and your grandparents to tell you their fairytale while you still have the chance


We got engaged when Stu was in Canada studying and I was home in NZ...a story for another day :-)





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