One more sleep!

Last night at home tonight before heading over to Roto-vegas for the Iris Awards and Infocus conference.  I still have  massive to-do list to get through in the morning...must clean out my car in case I need to pick up anyone important from the airport...must make sure I have enough clothes to last a week...must make sure I pack my GHDs lol.

I've spent the whole day ready everyone's Facebook messages about heading to Rotorua and getting excited.  The last album and print orders have been sent off so now hopefully I'm all set to go.

Last year I got my Associate gong...oh, must remember to take it with me, the panel chair manual says we're supposed to wear them thoughout judging...and that used up all but one of my points so it's a looooong slog ahead of me to get to Masters.  I need 9 points and 2 of them have to be silvers, given my lack of focus on the awards this year I foresee that not happening anytime soon!  

But I am looking forward to the role of Assistant Panel Chair.  As far as I can tell from reading the (fairly substantial) rule book the panel chair makes sure everyone follows the rules and everything runs smoothly and fairly during judging.  And the assistant helps and makes sure no one accidently judges their own work (or their partners!) by rotating judges.  Am most nervous about the fact that I still have a horrible intermittent cough and if I get started on a coughing fit in that silent judging room I'm going to want to hide under the desk lol.  Must pack cough lollies.



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