Just because you can, doesn't mean you should...photoshop vs reality

I have an outdoor shoot planned for this afternoon and I woke up and heard rain.  Bummer.  Can't we just photoshop in some blue sky?  You can right?  You can add blue sky, you can add or subtract group members (if they're on the ends), you can get rid of the video guy from the ceremony pictures.  What's the big deal?  I'll do any of these things, I have in fact done all of these things.  But at the end of the day I need the story to be believable...like the best fiction, you believe it could be true.  The trouble with blue skies is it's not just the colour of the sky that tells you it's a warm, sunny day....it's the colour of the light and the way the shadows fall.  You might not be able to pinpoint what's wrong but an image willl feel 'off' if all the elements don't gel together.

The other thing people ask me about a lot is lines on faces...yes, I can rub them out completely.  Would you really want me to?  Lines tell stories and sometimes we want to edit the story...that's completely understandable.  But the key is to be believable (and happy...I don't very often get asked to rub out happy lines).

A clear example of 'just coz you can, doesn't mean you should'



Kate Robinson
12:29pm 31st August 2011

Totally agree! Lines = character, I love them! And also when you can shoot at 1.2 (v. carefully!) skin always looks lovely :) xx

10:51pm 6th December 2011

Thanks to share....

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