Home again, almost back down to earth...and the big tidy up

I keep trying to collect my thoughts enough to blog about the Iris Awards and Infocus 2011.  I feel like I need to summarise everything but that once I do that it will be really over.  So instead I'm making a 'moving forward' list...because the best measure of the value of anything is in what you actually change afterwards right?

Moving forward...

  1. some exciting new products are coming up, new ways to collect stories and keep them safe for the future
  2. looking for new ways to improve my customer's experience of working with us
  3. two fun, personal projects that might not work out...but what if they do?

And I filled my notebook with quotes to push me when I run out of steam...

From Jen Bebb:

"If you want to do it, just do it" 

"This might not work out, but what if it does?!"

"Be a two year old...push the boundaries"

From Todd Hunter McGaw:

"Never stop playing"

"Never stop looking for alternatives!"

And from Sue Bryce:

"Passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and they draw people to you"


Always when I need room for new ideas in my head I have to make room in my physical space first.  So this weekend has been about tidying and filing and putting things in things.  Clearing the decks so there is room for some more awesomeness :-)

I also need to make some room on the walls for a couple of new award winning images, including this one which won me my first Iris Awards Silver...

I also won a bronze award with Teresa and Kyle's wedding album (my first time in that category), plus another bronze in wedding and 2 bronzes in Classic Portrait.  Six awards from nine entries is not too shabby I thought :-)

A wee bit hard to see but this is the summary sheet of my album



3:29pm 14th August 2011

Nice work Nicola on the awards! Gotta, say love the "manic" expression!

9:36pm 19th August 2011

Congratulations Nicola! So thrilled for you. Thanks for sharing the quotes from your notebook too. :)

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