First day as assistant panel chair

One day down!  

It's very different being on the other side of the judging...I think when you're in the audience it's hard to appreciate the full extent of the machine behind print judging.  They call the room out the back the engine room...with good reason :-)

Today as the judging began there were students working away out the back.  They scan each print in turn and place it on the turny thing.  It's showing on my screen as assistant panel chair and as the turny thing turns around and displays it to the judges I click to display it on the big screen for the audience.  The judges are not supposed to see the image on the screen, they're judging the I have to wait until the last judge is out of his or her seat before I display the image on the screen.

The judges get approximately 40 seconds to assess the's not long.  They're encouraged to go with their gut instinct and score accordingly.  There's a really complicated algorithm for working out when there is an automatic challenge and when there's an elective challenge...the upshot is the computer tells us when there's a challenge.  The judge with the highest score speaks to it, explaining why they went for that score and hopefully 'selling' it so the other judges come up with their scores.  The lowest scoring judge speaks next, followed by any others who want to speak to the print.

It's really interesting being able to see the spread of the judges scores and how it averages out to give the final score (again, an algorithm well beyond my 6th form maths lol).  Being able to see the range I was impressed by how fair the final score seems...ask me again tomorrow if I still think that when it's my prints scoring 69!  But when I'm not emotionally involved it seems fair.

Got any questions?  Ask away :-)



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