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This was such an interesting category...being a new category means no one quite knows how it will go.  Watching the digital walk past all I could think was that there were a lot of professional's funny how when you see everything all together it becomes clearer where the line is between award prints and prfessional standard.  I know I struggled to know what to enter in this category, I read and re-read that category description so many times I could have just about recited it from memory!  And I think I still may have been a bit confused about what it means...classic means the stuff we do all the time right?  But it doesn't.  It's the very very best of but there's more.  The X factor.  I wish I could explain or articulate what that myself most of all!  I've heard Jackie Ranken talk about the key to an image...finding the thing that unlocks the meaning or the story.  And today I could see that the prints that had layers (not photoshop layers, layers like an ogre*) were the ones that generated discussion and inspired the judges to score higher.  Maybe it comes down to creating images that give the viewer/judge something to talk about.

I had four prints in this category and two of them scored bronze...I'm happy with that.  The one I wanted to pull out at midnight last night was an image of a lizard in a glass cage.  I shot it on holiday with the family earlier in the year (why is it I only find time to shoot for myself when I'm on holiday?) and I'd only taken my old D70 and it was almost dark.  If you've ever shot with a D70 you know it's a dog in low light so the image has issues.  But one of the judges liked the look on his face and the reflection.  And one of the other judges commented that it reminded him of a woman he once knew (which I think was actually my favourite judges comment all morning!).  So all in all I was happy with how I went.  I don't want to be one of those people who isn't happy with bronze, I used to get so cross about that.  Bronze is awesome...bronze is a huge achievement.  But just quietly, silver would be awesomer.  

I'm actually looking forward to the Weddings category now :-)



*Shrek reference, for those 2 people on the planet who have not see it :-)


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