Almost midnight...second thoughts

Right about now I'm wishing I could pull a couple of my prints.  I think there should be a last minute escape clause somewhere.  After seeing the amazing stuff that was judged today I'm laying in bed going over my entries in my head and wondering what the hell I was thinking.  And I have to sit there and eyeball the judges as they score them 55.  Seriously need to suggest an emergency escape thing for next year.  Going back to bed now to torture myself some more.


Catherine Cattanach
9:20am 5th August 2011

Ha ha, feeling the same way from Wellington - at least I don't need to squirm in my seat at the judging and pretend I've never seen that 55-scoring-print before in my life.

Paul Daly
4:50pm 5th August 2011

Understand that can't get to sleep thing, and the O my god I think I've put them in the wrong category feeling only to well. Nice behind the judging scenes commentary by the way Nicola. Keep it up.

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