25th Jul 2011, 9:40pm

I did it...I pressed the pay now button and completed the online entry process.  No turning back now!

I've picked up 7 of my 9 prints from the framers (last two will be sorted tomorrow) and they look so beautiful.  I'm quite scared to put them up before judges who won't love them like I do...after they've been judged I won't be able to see them in quite the same way (kinda like why kiddie beauty pageants can't be a good thing in my opinion).  But it's no good me telling everyone else they should enter if I don't walk the walk myself :-)

All official as soon as I sign it :-)


In other exciting news, this year I've been invited to be Assistant Panel Chair at the judging so that'll give me a different perspective on things...the official word: "The Assistant Panel Chair is to be conversant with the task of the Panel Chair, and assist, guide and bring to the Panel Chair’s attention any problems, breaches or concerns. The Assistant Panel Chair may at the request of the Panel Chair take on duties as required."  All in a darkened, silent room with an atmosphere you can cut with a knife...no pressure!

I'm going to be blogging from the awards and from conference (and updating the NZIPP facebook page) so be sure to tune in if you're interested :-)


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