Waikato Wedding Photographer...or maybe that could say Waikato Wedding Storyteller?

I remember as a teenager seeing Mona Williams telling stories.  I remember that she was utterly engaging, she told stories the way Adele sings...she made you almost forget to take a breath.  And I remember thinking that I wanted to be a storyteller when I grew up.  So much for a career trajectory right?  I'd forgotten about it though and gone off and got a sensible job and I only remembered about that particular ambition a long time later when I heard Johannes van Kan talk abut wedding photography.  He talks about finding stories, telling stories, recognising the universal stories and making them individual and personal.  And that struck such a chord with me...the storytelling is underneath everything I do as a photographer.  And I love how things work out that way...when you look back and realise that the kid you were would actually quite like the person you've become.  

I'm still waiting to see how my other childhood ambition of landing on the moon works out though.

So really I just wanted to share some of my favourite storytelling photos from the past season...especially the stories about the family stuff...

And I also wanted to test a new montage system...what do you think? Too small?




Emma H
6:44pm 25th July 2011

I know you posted this a while ago so I'm a little late, but if you still want to know... Yep, I reckon they're a bit too small; lovely moments tho. :D
See you soon in Vegas!!!!!!!

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