Photography Awards...why do I put myself through this?

 Every year for the past 5 years June is the month for choosing Iris Awards images.  It means countless hours of choosing images, second guessing myself, choosing more images, driving my friends and family nuts with constant invitations to 'look at this one now, what do you think?' (they can't see any difference from the previous version), cropping, recropping, printing, some more second guessing, talking to other photographers, reworking, recropping, reprinting (suddenly it makes sense that Epson is the principle sponsor of the awards!).  And then finally there is the mounting, packing and sending my babies away (and worrying that they might not make it!).

June is also the month when I wonder why I bother!

Honestly, why put myself through all that?  

Dammit, it does make me a better photographer (right about now I wish that wasn't true but it is).  Not the winning awards (although I do like that, let's be honest!), it's the entering that makes me improve; the knowing I'm going to, the selection of images, the processing, the discussion.  And watching the judging...but that deserves its own blog.

So I will quit moping and get back to it.  In the mean time here is one that didn't quite make the cut but made me chuckle anyway :-)



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