Musings on haircuts and options and choosing the right tool for the job

 My daughter needed a haircut, it had been a while and her growing-out fringe was looking kinda scruffy.

So we talked through the options.  

"I could give you a #4 at home with the clippers?"

"Oh Muu-uuum".  (I guess that's a no)

"We could get Aunty Rach to do it, she has the proper scissors and she's pretty good and it would only cost us dinner?"

"But Mum, I want layers and stuff and I don't know if Aunty Rach can do that"

"Hmm, ok.  I guess we could go along to Just Cuts at the mall and pay $22."

"Well ok, but Mum, last time?  I don't think that lady liked kids very much.  She did do an ok job though"

"Or I could take you to my hairdresser?"

"But won't that be expensive Mum?"  (She really did ask that, bless :-) )

In the end I took her to my hairdresser.  For $30 (only $8 more than the mall) she had her hair washed, blowdried and straightened.  She got a really nice cut and she felt like a million bucks.  She said she was having such a great week and listed a bunch of cool things that have happened and she finished with "and I got my hair cut!"

It occurred to me that choosing a photographer might be a bit like choosing a hairdresser.

Then it occurred to me that my choice changes depending on the circumstances.  When the boys need haircuts they get a #4 in the kitchen with the clippers :-)  Because different solutions work for different problems.

And sometimes a camera phone IS the best tool for the job.  But not always :-)



Catherine Cattanach
9:52pm 7th June 2011

She rocks that haircut :) Love the bottom left photo in particular.

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