25th Jun 2011, 8:17pm

 I have no idea why I like buttons so much...it doesn't make any sense really but still they are right up there on my cute things scale.  I think the right buttons make pretty much anything better...I mean who hasn't changed the buttons on a cheap shirt or cardy to give it a bit of Gok-like zhoosh?

So while I was doing a bit of Saturday afternoon poojing around felt (my newest addiction...like I needed another one!) I started noticed lots of very gorgeous button inspired coolness.  And pretty soon I could see I was going to need another montage :-)

None of these photos are mine, they are just a bunch of gorgeous things from all over the place.  Photo credits are underneath.  And if you like what you see on Felt remember that by buying there you're helping kiwi artists and artisans, so you're totally doing your bit to help the economy...in fact it's almost your civic duty ;-) 

Florence Broadhurst print purse from Felt seller craftmeup (and yes I know it hasn't got any buttons but it matched the other pictures.  And I really like it lol)

Red pendant (bottom right) from Felt seller cloudnine

Buttons and button flowers from lilfishstudios

From top left going across: buttons on card from http://www.cathkidston.co.uk, button box pic from here and the red buttons are from Tinker who also has gorgeous things here on Felt.

Middle row: buttons on card from this cute blog and the embroidered brooch I found here on another cool crafty blog 

Bottom row: red buttons from a source I've lost sorry and the button necklace from yet another cool Felt seller, amysbuttons

And then when I'd made my montage I found this...

How cute would those be as favours or as part of a centrepiece? (never mind having to make that many of them but it would look amazing!)  You can find the complete instructions and more photos here.


20th Jun 2011, 9:01pm

 Well I'm sorry Alanis Morrisette I don't think it's ironic and I am pretty sure noone thinks it's cutey cutey...but sometimes it does ray-ay-ain on ya wedding day.  And you know? It's not the end of the world.  In fact it can be kind of nice...all that snuggling together under umbrellas.  Not to mention the reflections...and look, no harsh shadows!

Anyway, I thought we needed a rainy day montage...on a rainy Monday...

 You can read more of my thoughts on wet weddings in the frequently asked questions section here.


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