Welcome to the Bank of Creativity...how can we help?

It occurred to me as I was driving yesterday that creativity is like a bank.  You have to make deposits and put ideas and inspiration into your account so you can tap into it when you need it.  It's not wise to borrow too much either but that's a whole other story!  So how do you make deposits into the bank of creativity?

I do it by watching movies and noticing lighting and composition.  I do it by reading magazines and putting clippings in my visual diary (which is kind of like a physical version of the bank come to think of it).  I do it by travelling and by shooting personal work.  And I put ideas in the bank by going to workshops and seminars.

Yesterday I braved the Auckland traffic with my new bestie Tom to see and hear Heather Waraksa.  Heather is a New York based wedding and fashion photographer known for her cinematic style.  The weather was a bit dodgy so instead of the planned shoot outside Heather set up some projected backgrounds and encouraged us play!

Our model Phoebe was brilliant, I love her look!  And I think she looks like Tinkerbell in this photo


It sounds crazy but the 'playing' thing is so important.  I remember years ago meeting a musician who told me that he gets up every morning at 6am, an hour before the rest of the family, to sit in his home studio and 'play'.  He said that if the muse came and he wasn't there...well he'd miss out.  So he had to be there ready and waiting for the inspiration, even if it didn't come every time.

The whole process of creativity is fascinating to me, particularly when that creativity is required on a regular basis.  I'd love to hear from you guys...how do you keep it fresh in your field?





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