Making connections: Studio session

 In the interests of making a deposit or two in the bank of creativity I booked a studio session last week.  I had a couple of things I wanted to try and an on-going project that I wanted to add to.  So I put a call out on the Facebook page and got two awesome sounding groups of friends who were keen to help out.

Teresa and Natasha have been friends since high school and since Natasha married Teresa's cousin they are family too :-)  My challenge to myself was to capture the connection they share...the lighting is really simple and the setup is pretty minimal so there's really just the two of them:

I especially like that last one :-)

The second group had a family emergency and couldn't make it so at the last minute I called Rach (who was enjoying a leisurely Friday morning sleep in) and kinda made her bring her little boy Ben in for pics.  Ben is due to start school in a couple of's one of those big-hairy-deal transition points; the whole moving from pre-schooler to big school boy thing.  Sorry about the sleep in Rach...hope you agree it was worth it!

and speaking of big-deal transition points I thought I would seize the opportunity to photograph my soon-to-be-teen daughter.  Next year she'll be a big high school girl, I don't know if I'm ready for that but clearly she is!  I love that I can see echoes of her toddler self but also the whispers of the woman she'll become...




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