Fundraiser for Chace Topperwien

It must be every parent's worst nightmare...I can only imagine the uncertainty and fearfulness that descends when your child is diagnosed with a life threatening illness.  When it comes completely out of the blue it must all but knock your world off its axis.  Last week Bella and Sufa told me about a little boy at their daughter's daycare who had just been diagnosed with luekemia, and I find that even more since I became a parent myself stories like that just go straight to my heart.  I guess I wasn't the only one...the whole of Campus Creche turned out yesterday to fundraise for Chace's family.  Several staff members and parents lined up to have their heads shaved to raise money...including Bella!  She was keen for me to blog some pictures and hopefully get the message out to a few more people.  If you'd like to help out (and no amount is too small) you can find the family's story and details on their facebook page.

So here is Bella before the big event...a quiet moment...second thoughts?  But no, her characteristic grin reappeared....

Chace Topperwien Fundraiser

Sufa was not very happy about the bald thing...she offered to outbid all the other sponsors combined if Bella would change her mind!  But hey, it's for a good cause right?

Chace Topperwien Fundraiser

Please check out the facebook page and if you can spare a few bucks I know the Topperwien family will be super appreciative.



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