27th Apr 2011, 9:20pm

'Have I taken enough photos?'  That was the first thing that went through my head when my Mum called me to say that my Nanny was in hospital and it wasn't looking good for her this time.  Did I take enough opportunities to take pictures?

Nanny passed away on Friday the 8th of April, she was an inspiration to everyone who knew her.  To the very end she was a bargain hunter who never went past a sale, she was into vintage before it was cool and she could find something amazing in the most unpromising looking op shop.  We have so many funny, sweet and poignant memories of her.

I was really privileged to put together the slideshow for her funeral service.  I was struck by how many of them were wedding photos you know? Nanny as a bridesmaid at someone's (we don't know whose) wedding, Nanny as a bride.  Then Nanny as the mother of the bride at Mum and Dad's wedding, at our wedding she was there of course (in a carefully chosen outfit).  More recent were the photos I took at Mum and Colin's wedding.  None of them are stunning photos, they're not wildly creative, they wouldn't win awards but they're such an important part of the story of our lives...and because of that their value is huge.

At Mum's wedding 1969

So I don't really know the answer to my question.  I think that I did take enough photos.  But I would still like to have taken more.  If there's something I can take from the last few weeks it's that I will continue to seize the opportunites.  And that hopefully my family won't moan quite so much when I drag the camera out at every gathering!

On a professional level it has brought home to me yet again the importance of the group photos and the guest photos at weddings.  And renewed my determination to make sure I take 'enough' photos of the guests at weddings (as well as the couple of course!).


26th Apr 2011, 10:22pm

 There's something about a beach wedding...something romantic about the wide open spaces and something playful about paddling in the water.  Ellen and Patrick both grew up visiting family baches at Pauanui and so their wedding was a very relaxed family affair.

When Pip arrived to photograph the guys getting ready she found them down at the beach having one last swim!

Meanwhile Ellen was getting ready and her Dad was trying to steal my job ;-)

The wedding ceremony featured Ellen and Patrick's nephew as ring bearer (doing a great job and deserving an extra hug) and Ellen's neices were pure gorgeousness as they found far more entertaining things to do with the rice than throw it at the bride and groom...

Following the ceremony we headed down to the beach for more photos...LOVE the light and colours in these...

It was such a beautiful day with such a relaxed vibe.  

Congratulations Ellen and Patrick!  Can't wait to show you the rest of the photos!


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