Winter wedding anyone?

Thinking about having a winter wedding?  Know someone who is?

There are lots of advantages to a winter weddings...if the weather cooperates we get that lovely evening light three hours earlier, we have a good chance of getting a sunset too.  If it rains or is cold we get to take lovely, snuggly images as you shelter in each others arms and cuddle up by the fire (I just LOVE venues with fireplaces and they seem so wasted at summer weddings!).  With the crazy, unpredictable weather we've had this summer I'm not even sure that a summer date gives you a much better chance of a fine least in winter you're prepared.  And of course in winter you don't have to worry about the heat or guests getting sunburnt.  

There's always the accessories argument...gorgeous boots and shrugs and all those lovely wintery accessories?! Hello!

And then there are the practical reasons like being able to plan to a much shorter time frame.  And if you're a farmer of course the cows are dry :-)

I'd love to talk more about your winter wedding...give me a call or flick me an email :-)


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